Construction of Decontamination & Neutralization Station

Project ref:
RK-TEC: P17032-O18052A
Below 10 Million euros
Rixensart, Belgium

GSK is one of the world’s leading research-based pharmaceutical and healthcare companies. Headquartered in the UK, it is a global organisation with officies in over 100 countries and major research centers, in the UK, USA, Belgium and China. The company has the mission to improve the quality of human life.
GSK wished to install new buffer capacity for site process effluents to give a buffer time prior to discharge to the local sewer . GSK collected before de project effluents in two collection pits ,pump these to a pair of neutralising tanks, and neutralise using a carbon dioxide injection system prior to discharge to local sewer.

Customer challenge

  • Total storage volume 1500 m3 working capacity
  • to minimise potential contaminated volume
  • Appearance consistent with R&D campus
  • Execution schedule a priority
  • Low noise (adjacent site boundary)
  • Respect IBW exclusion and no-build zones
  • Continuity of existing process during the project

Successful mission for RK-TEC

Project preparation:

  • Detail engineering
  • Cost estimate
  • Planning realization

Once this step was successfully completed, our teams were entrusted with the realization of the project in the below parts:

  • Technical assesment follow-up
  • Technical statement of work
  • Drawings updating/ creating
  • Technical operations follow-up
  • Legal compliance follow-up
  • Startup phase
  • Asbuilt control
  • Installation Handover phase

Customer gain

  • Ensuring business continuity
  • improving storage volume working capacity
  • the environmental legislation respect
  • Installation quality