In the age of digitalization, there is nothing more important than managing data.
To protect your networks and systems, an overall security concept is required. Measures defined by the IT domain need to be extended with additional OT security solutions and the different protection objectives must be taken into consideration.
RK-TEC secures and creates system solutions; that is the basis for all aspects of cloud computing and virtualization, including implementation, migration, backup, and design work, in addition to ongoing monitoring and support.

We help industrial firms become software-native, thrive in today’s business environment and encourage shared responsibility across IT and OT.

Our clients can rely on our broad expertise, process based approach and highly skilled people in order to deliver the right solutions across a range of project types.

Our services include:

– Network Design
– Cyber Security
– Data Management Architecture
– MES / Preventive Maintenance – Data analytics


Our Latest Projects


Our projects are designed to meet high-tech industries’ challenges; and they are cutting-edge in technology and custom-designed to meet flexibility, cost-efficiency and scheduled targets, all under sustainability, safety and environmental control requirements.