New building feasibility

Bio & Pharma
Project ref:
electrical cost estimate : over 10 million euros
Belgium, Puurs

Pfizer is an american company founded in the 19th century, and nowadays present all over the world and especially in Belgium for Europe. Their production site of Puurs in Flanders was created in 1963 by Upjohn and acquired in 2003 to produce mainly aseptic medicine. Each year more than 300 million sterile units are produced and exported to more than 170 countries.

Customer Goal

New building composed of 2 production levels, for each production level there is two technical floors for HVAC and electricity. Ground floor will be used for other utilities, to finally make 7 floors building with a 5500m² footprint. Equipment will be implemented in two phases, approximatively one first phase for first production floor and a second one for second production floor.

Project data

  • Faisability design – consumer list :

– more than 700kW for process

– more than 700kW for HVAC

– 300 kW ground floor utilities

– 1000 kW for lights and sockets”          

  • Dynamic no break systems study (flywheels)

RK-TEC solution    

Faisability design:                    

  • Power balance and cabinet list
  • evaluate number of no-breaks and low voltage switchboards
  • Cost estimate for the whole electrical package (HV and LV)   

Customer gain

  • New building
  • Increasing the production capacity