Building Security Systems

Find peace of mind with an efficient, high-tech building security system tailored by our experts to cover all your needs.
Our deep knowledge and experience in the field of the industry’s regulatory and requirements means we’re able to secure your projects:

Access Control

Multiple access control systems are available to secure your environment. All these equipments will give you some information that are interesting to link with your Building Management System.

According to your needs and criteria, an access control solution can be designed with:

– building access control system (access door, emergency door, biometric access, …)
– Intrabuilding access control (speed gate, turnstile, …)
– site access control for people and vehicules (barrier, full height turnstile, sliding gate, …)
– intrusion detection

Camera Security Systems

IP CCTV cameras are increasingly being used to monitor selected areas of your working environment such as: the surroundings of buildings, main entrances, (high) security rooms or aseptic zone. We can also support other more specific technologies, such as thermal cameras, face recognition or license plate recognition. CCTV design should be based on the location of the cameras as well as on your IT infrastructure, your maintenance department or even on a mandatory brand, this is why the CCTV design validation phase is not an easy exercise without professional guidance and appropriate tools.


Our Latest Projects


Our projects are designed to meet high-tech industries’ challenges; and they are cutting-edge in technology and custom-designed to meet flexibility, cost-efficiency and scheduled targets, all under sustainability, safety and environmental control requirements.