Electrical remediation for Prayon Engis site

over 35 Million euros
Engis, Belgium

Prayon, world leader in phosphate chemistry, has 4 production sites based in Belgium, Engis and Puurs, France and the United States.This document only concerns the Prayon site in Engis, Belgium, an important industrial site for the production of phosphates.
Electrical faults like short-and open-circuits, in the switched reluctance drive and the investigation of fault patterns and possible remediation. Each situation is inevitable.
Possible remediation schemes other than disabling the faulted phase are explored. There is a particular focus on switch short-circuit for which new results are presented.

Customer challenge

Bringing electrical cabinets into conformity

Successful RK-TEC solution:

RK-TEC offers complete remediation plan.

The study consisted of site visits to all electrical installation to idendify the complexity of each cabinet, completing a predefined checklist done by RK-TEC in order to identify the gap in the cabinets and propose future remediation solutions for electrical cabinets as well as for cable trays and cables.

Four main solutions were studied in this feasibility study and proposed to Prayon each with budget estimation and a macro-planning that considers Prayon’s shutdown period.

Project preparation:

  • Planning
  • Coordination meetings
  • Documents/layouts analysis

Project Realization:

  • Technical analysis
  • Site visits
  • Coordination meetings
  • Checklist completion on site
  • Budget estimation
  • Execution planning

RK-TEC team redesigned the electrical cabinets to make it compliant. Project management, electrical drawings, assembly, installation, and start-up have been made by the team.

With quick and efficient help, the client was able to get back to business in no time.

Customer gain

Ensuring business continuity by

  • More security
  • Legal conformity
  • Increasing the quality of the installations