Construction of a pharmaceutical manufacturing building

Bio & Pharma
over 30 Million euros

Novasep is a Contract Manufacturing Organization (CMO) specialized in manufacturing viruses and viral vectors for gene therapy and vaccination.

Whether refitting existing spaces or building new, the need for quick build times, flexibility, and production efficiency is driving trends in pharma facility construction.
In adding manufacturing capacity-whether through new, greenfield sites or by refitting existing spaces-biopharma and pharma companies seek flexible and efficient production. Getting a facility up and running quickly with a tight budget is increasingly important.

Goal of the Project

Build a new pharmaceutical plant from the green field to the handover. The new plant includes 2 units (a large and a middle scale) of production, an office, technical area and storage area.           

Assignement of the overall project

Studies, design, detailed plans of the entire high, medium and low voltage electrical installation w                                

– New High voltage distribution (included HV transformator)                 

– New low voltage distribution (General distribution board, secondary distribution board,…)      

– New No-break distribution                

– New emergency generator and his electrical distribution                    

– New lighting installation                    

– New socket installation                     

– New cable tray network                     

Scope of RK-TEC                       

  • Project Preparation
  • System Inventory
  • Risk Assessment
  • Analysis and Validation requirements

Project Realization                   

  • Technical analysis and system development
  • Detail Engineering


  • New production site
  • Increasing production capacity
  • Operational and strategic improvement