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With our specialty in process control, automation, digitalization, security and electrical related services, our strategic business units can cover the entire scope of any engineering project. Our teams are expert problem solvers, ensuring right-first-time solutions that are not only practical and safe to construct but cost effective and sustainable to maintain and operate.

Project design & project definition
Detail engineering and design review / value engineering
Project execution construction management
Commissioning and Qualification
Project closing, training and handover

Project design & Project definition

A- Conceptual design and feasibility

Our approach begins with conceptual design and feasibility studies, which allow the progressive definition of a project to develop business cases and further define the scope of the project. Successful definition at these stages is crucial to enhancing the predictability of project lifecycle costs.

– Conceptual and feasibility studies progress through a distinct set of activities across multiple engineering and project management disciplines.
– Different concepts for realization are evaluated and their feasibility is assessed
– At the end of this project phase, the most suitable concept for realization is selected.

B- Basic Design

Basic engineering design forms the basis for later successful completion of the detailed engineering, procurement, construction, and commissioning work, and further provides the client valuable information to finalize internal discussion and evaluation of the feasibility of the project.

C- Project definition
Aim of this project phase is to provide a solid basis for the following design and engineering phases

– The general framework for project realization is assessed
– All client project requirements and given conditions for realization are collected and summarized in a respective document

Detail engineering and design review / value engineering

We analyze, evaluate and improve your engineering plans and schedules to enhance efficiency and reduce costs.
Every plan can be improved with the proper application of critical analysis, expertise and experience. Eliminating unnecessary redundancies and inefficiencies can help you accelerate time to completion and minimize expenditures.

Briefly, our services include:

– Review of design and engineering documents regarding technical correctness, optimization potential and sustainability
– Verification of the compliance with relevant GMP guidelines and national / international standards
– For GMP projects, the offered review services can be integrated into the design qualification (DQ)

Experts in every engineering discipline are ready to review all aspects of your project to identify opportunities for improvement — beginning with preliminary cost and schedule risk analysis, through development and installation. Our value engineering capabilities include:

– Value engineering workshops
– Validation, improvement and integration of preliminary process designs
– Engineering, procurement and construction schedules
– Piping and instrumentation diagrams
– Energy optimization
– Process simplification
– Waste minimization
– Design to capacity
– Process reliability simulation

Project execution construction management

Our design execution approach is structured to focus on a logical sequence of events.

This approach enables us to

– Facilitate fast track execution, while controlling change, managing out-of-phase activities and executing
– Maintain consistency throughout the project’s lifecycle
– Encourage timely input from customers, integrators, suppliers, and other project stakeholders
– Highlight critical decision milestones
– Promote project alignment and support risk response planning
– Deliver consistently excellent projects customized to our clients’ needs

Our approach is centered on three key success factors for our clients: value engineering, consistent execution, and predictable deliverables (quantity, quality and schedule).

Commissioning and Qualification

We bring deep knowledge of industry regulations to any project, and an integrated approach to project delivery means our CQV experts know how to collaborate with other disciplines, including those in process, automation and project management.

Guiding clients through the entire commissioning and qualification process for equipment, systems and rooms, we’ll ensure that facilities and assets are risk-free, and ready for production on time, and on budget.

We provide guidance and preparation for test leveraging
=> Integration of commissioning tests into the qualification activities required for GMP-relevant installations
– Elaboration of Q/V concepts for GMP projects, e.g. writing of the Q/V master plan, impact assessments with system categorization, tracking tools
– Elaboration of all Vcycle documents e.g. IRIR, TCD, CC, URS, DQ / IQ / OQ / PQ test plans, traceability matrices
– Managing qualification test or validation execution at site: Test execution, documentation, evaluation and witnessing

Project closing, training and handover

We ensure:

– project deliverables have been fully completed and handed off.
– project completion
– training and handover


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Our projects are designed to meet high-tech industries’ challenges; and they are cutting-edge in technology and custom-designed to meet flexibility, cost-efficiency and scheduled targets, all under sustainability, safety and environmental control requirements.