Increasing Production Capacity

Food industry
Project ref:
Below 3 million euros

Cyclops is an engineering office for project management (studies, planning, procurement,…). They are active in several field like food, feed, pharmaceutical. Provital is a division of Cosucra company and is active in food and feed field. They are a world leader for the pea protein production and produce also other product like starch, feed, and fiber.

Customer challenge

With the development of vegan food, food supplements for athletes and the food engineering, the pea protein demand is growing year after year and especially for Provital where the process is recognized to give a product of high quality and purity. Since several years, Provital started to increase the production capacity with the “Panoramix” project.

This project is subdivided in 5 phases for the renewing of existing equipment, adding new equipment, construction of new buildings. The phase 3 of the project concerned the construction of a new building for mechanical processing, new silos for the storage, revamping of the electrical installation inside the pea storage building, construction of a new packaging building.

Principal project DATA

  • New electrical installation for news building (Main board, process board, high voltage)
  • Revamping of the electrical installation for the pea’s storage
  • Starting the construction of a loop for the high voltage network

RK-TEC Solution

Project preparation:

  • Studies and feasibility
  • Call for bids and ITT
  • Choice of the contractor
  • Planning
  • Budget: estimating, offers comparison.

Project Realization:

  • Project management and contractor following
  • FAT / SAT

Customer gain

  • Increasing in production capacity
  • Business continuity and growth