Production Capacity

Project ref:
P18049- Provital/ Cosucra – Panoramix 03
Belgium, Pecq

Cosucra is a Belgian company which is active in food field. At the origin, the first business of Cosucra was sugar producing. Between 1986 and 1990, Cosucra started a new business to extract vegetal protein and fiber from yellow peas. In 2003, Cosucra stopped sugar production and focused his business on functional and nutritional ingredients production. The process to extract protein and fiber is done by PROVITAL, a subsidiary company from COSUCRA.

Customer challenge

Faced with an explosion in demand, Cosucra wanted to produce more and faster.

The specific RK-TEC team was successfully involved.

Cosucra’s mission was to increase production by

  • Adding a new centrifuge decanter
  • New extension building on dry phase of the process
  • Electrical installation revamping
  • Routing modification on high voltage electrical network

RK-TEC Solution

The project was divided into 5 phases:

The first and second phases ended and consited in an increasing of wet and drying phase.

The panaromix 3 phase consits in another increasing of wet phase. This phase includes adding new process equipement to mix water and peas (including power supply and instrumentation cables), equipment modification or revamping.

  • Study load rating on high voltage network transformer on the site
  • Modification on high voltage routing cable
  • Works coordination for dismantling electrical equipment
  • Detail design for electrical modification on exafine building
  • Detail design for the new centrifuge decanter installing

Customer Gain

  • Increasing production capacity
  • Business continuity and growth