Main Entrance

Advanced Technology Facilities
Project ref:
WN325 P17012
below 3 million euros

GSK is one of the world’s leading research-based pharmaceutical and healthcare companies. Headquartered in the UK, it is a global organisation with offices in over 100 countries and major research centers, in the UK, USA, Belgium and China. The company has the mission to improve the quality of human life.

Customer challenge

Over the past few decades, no other business segment has faced as many different types of external security threats as the Pharmaceutical industry, thus controlling this environment from a security perspective requires knowledge of current and future physical and logical access needs, coupled with an understanding of the many regulations.

The application of access control becomes a key instrument for developing layers of security for protecting the assets of a pharmaceutical corporation within each of its facilities.

This is why GSK decided to improve the new “Main Entrance” Wavre with the new Gate House, following the security rules, GSK’s specifications (electricity, data, ACS, alarm monitoring, CCTV, fire detection, …)

Principal project DATA             

  • Monitoring of the new acces
  • New entry of vehicles and visitors
  • New out of vehicles and visitors
  • To be compliant with security rules
  • Security equipment in the new Gate House
  • Electrical and data equipment in the new Gate House
  • Fire detection and small signal equipment in the new Gate House

RK-TEC Solution

  • Project Preparation
  • System Inventory
  • Risk Assessment
  • Analysis and Validation requirements
  • Basic Engineering       
  • Project Realization                     
  • Technical analysis and system development
  • Detail Engineering

Customer gain

  • More security
  • Increasing entrance capacity
  • Quick Access control